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Upset Stomach Pain Home Remedies | What To Do

A simple upset stomach is usually caused by many things. You need to identify what’s the cause. The most common is indigestion. You probably had overeaten or you digestive system is not in a good rhythm that may cause an upset stomach. Some people have difficulty of indigestion because of flu while others may have motion sickness that causes their upset stomach. However, heartburn may be a possible cause and the dangerous food poisoning which you have to guard yourself with the quality of food that you eat.

What’s important thing to do before treating an upset stomach is to identify what’s the real cause of the stomach pain. Stomach aches are usually felt together with stomach cramps. Other sign is stomach bloating which is caused by stomach gas which is produced because of stomach acid. Sometimes, it’s followed by sour stomach and turn to diarrhea.

So, what are the upset stomach pain remedies?

1. You make prepare yourself chamomile and or peppermint tea if you think that it’s because of indigestion due to overeating. It relieves the stomach pain is minutes. Chamomile tea for upset stomach is really effective.

2. To some people, they take cola drinks like lime drinks. Sprite or 7-up is good too. I drink them after a good sumptuous sea food meal. This is very good specially for seafood with shells. Lime drinks helps digestion.

3. If it’s due to motion sickness, remove yourself from where you are that causes your upset stomach.

4. Antacids are good for heartburn. What they do is neutralize the acid in your stomach and relieve you from stomach gas which also causes stomach pain.

5. Don’t Smoke, drink alcohol or take over the counter medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen since they make nausea worse.

Something about antacids that you want to know:
Absorbable Antacids: Baking Soda, Alka-Seltzer Gold, Tums for upset stomach pain.
The main ingredient I this products is sodium bicarbonate which neutralizes acid, at least in a test tube. In the human stomach, its action is not so clear. For one thing, it may be absorbed into the walls of the stomach, thus, may not be helping the acid there while in large doses may cause upset of body’s own chemistry. In fact, there may be rebound after taking sodium bicarbonate, that is, the stomach may secret more acid.

Nonabsorbable Antacids: Maalox, Gelusil, Mylanta, Alugel, Wingel, Riopan for upset stomach pain.

The nonabsorbable antacids are an important part of the home pharmacy. They help neutralize the stomach acid thus decrease heartburn, ulcer pains, stomach acids and stomach upset. Since they are not absorbed by the body, they usually do not upset the acid base balance of the body and are quite safe.

Almost of these antacids are available in liquid and tablet form. Well, for me, I would choose the liquid form. It’s because it coats more surface area of the gullet and stomach than the tablets. Indeed, if not well chewed, the tablets will be useless at all. The good thing about the tablets is it’s easier to grab it in your pocket when you most need it.


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Stomach pain after eating may occur simply because you ate more than you should have, ate faster than you should have, or ate something you shouldn't have eaten in the first place. For these reasons, stomach pains after eating often happen during the holiday season. You feel better in a few hours or the next day.

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